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Anita Hoffhines has been in property management for over 30 years.  Trained by a national property management company from Boston, her processes for property management give tenants a good experience and property owners reduced risk, low hassle and increased profitability.  Processes are customized to each property owner's goals.  Property owners from outside the state are welcome. Apartments, duplexes, rental homes and commercial rental properties available.

Tenants can expect fair treatment, consistent application process and leases.  Prompt payment of rent and good housekeeping habits by the tenant are expected.  It is your home and it is our property.  We ask tenants to promptly report mechanical problems so they can be addressed quickly and not get worse.    We respect your privacy and, unless there is a structural emergency, will not enter your home without an appointment.

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Anita Hoffhines

Owner, Property Manager and Marketer

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Ed Hoffhines
Mark Hoffhines

Maintenance Assistant and Owner

Maintenance Assistant

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